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Kepier Multi-Sports Camp

Kepier Multi-Sports Camp

Camp Feedback Summary
The camp took place from Monday 20th August through till Friday 24th August, 10am until 3pm everyday. Overall we engaged with 229 children between the ages of 4 and 11 from areas around Houghton le Spring.

The event could not have been as successful as it was without the co-operation from Dave Brennan who where tremendously helpful prior and during the event. I would like to thank the staff for their support throughout the whole week.

Children worked as individuals as well as in group sessions, Keep Kids Active ensured children of the same age participated together, utilising the indoor facilities of the school.
The week finished with an inter group mini Olympics. The children were segregated into their age groups to make the event fair to all. They were then set a round robin of 4 challenges on a point scoring system over a set time period. The winner from each individual age group was awarded a medal in recognition of their achievement. A medal was also presented to the person who the coach felt had achieved the most throughout the week.
All children who attended the event were awarded a” Certificate of Achievement”.
Parents were encouraged to attend the prize giving and we were delighted that around 10 parents experienced the tremendous atmosphere the children created. 

The feedback from parents, children and staff was terrific and a huge testimony to all involved and proof that children “Just love to have FUN”
Children got involved in many events, meeting new friends, trying new sports and in general contributing towards a healthier lifestyle.

Keep Kids Active are passionate about investing in children, as they are our future generation, this was an example of the impact we can have working with children across the region.
These events tick so many boxes i.e.

·         Health
·         Obesity
·         Inclusion
·         Transition
·         Physical Exercise
·         Anti-Bullying
·         Affordable Childcare
·         Healthy Eating  

With regards to our generic feedback form ‘How are we doing’ we received 11 forms via Parents. These forms took into account 12 children as several of the parents had more than 1 child attending.

100% of the children who attended the event documented they would like to attend any Keep Kids Active camps arranged in the near future, this is terrific news to know we have created a captive audience and we, with the support of our colleagues will continue to work together to ensure these events are sustainable.

We relish the opportunity to work within the school and feeder Primaries with regards to physical exercise and support the Academy with any programmes they may wish to introduce in the new term:
·         Gifted and talented
·         GCSE Students
·         Sports days
·         Taster Sessions
·         Curriculum Sessions
·         Breakfast Sessions
·         Lunchtime sessions
·         After School Clubs

We would also like to work with the community in general and on an ongoing basis to set up clubs across the region i.e:
·         Breakfast Sessions
·         Lunchtime sessions
·         After School Clubs
·         Academies i.e. Soccer Schools
·         Satellite clubs
·         Coaching sessions

Keep Kids Active need to expand on the tremendous success that last week achieved and we look forward to a stronger partnership and hope we can be a valuable asset in the region with regards to encouraging children and families to lead a Healthier Lifestyle.

Parents Comments
“Fantastic facility in getting kids active and interested in sports and keeping them occupied during a week in school hols. Great venue and friendly, helpful staff. Superb value for money too. My daughter really enjoyed her time here and would love for the one week of activities to be extended to more days/weeks during the school holidays, as she had so much fun! Thank you.”
Alaine Gray

“Superb value for money, Joseph really enjoyed his week.”
Andrew Hughes

“More than happy overall. Would expect more camps for midterm hols.”
Greg Aniol

“It would be great if this programme is running for a longer length of time (2 weeks) during the school holidays.”
Andy Hui

“My daughter really enjoyed this week. Hopefully have it on again.”
Sara Walker

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