Wednesday, 14 November 2018


Kepier has achieved the Quality in Careers Standard Gold Award for careers education, information, advice and guidance provision within the school. The award recognises the hard work and dedication of the staff to ensure all learners are equipped with the skills required and valued by employers.
Careers Guidance Officer Miss Watson said "the process was long and very thorough with three stages; Bronze, Silver and finally the Gold award. At each stage a number of criteria had to be met and robust evidence provided to prove Kepier was achieving the requirements.
At Bronze stage, an audit of the CEIAG provision was carried out and a plan for development produced. The Silver stage was to ensure that the plan was being implemented and data recorded accordingly. At both stages, paperwork was submitted to be scrutinised by an assessor from Inspiring IAG, the awarding body for the Quality in Careers Standard.
To achieve the Gold Award, an assessor came to Kepier and over the course of a day spoke to learners, staff, external partners and parents to get an insight into how CEIAG is delivered within the school. A file of evidence was inspected and staff with responsibility for CEIAG were interviewed. The day was intense and assessment rigorous, however due to the immense effort and comprehensive detail that goes into making CEIAG delivery a success, Kepier achieved Gold.
It’s great news for learners and prospective learners as they can be confident that they will gain the support and advice they need when making decisions about their future and develop the skills that will help them be a success in the world of work."
Congratulations to Miss Watson and thank you from everyone at Kepier; staff and learners; for all her hard work in gaining this award!!!

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