Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Citizenship Awards March 2018

The Easter term saw Mrs. Cooper award prizes to learners from each year group who were chosen by their Year Managers as having made a real difference not just in school but also in the local community by their actions.
Charlie from Year 7 has carried out an enormous amount of fundraising, managing to raise over £1000 for cancer charities; Ethan and Cameron in Year 8 were chosen for their all round great attitudes, being excellent citizens on a daily basis, and being wonderful role models for other learners.
From Year 9, Gabriel and Sam were chosen for their roles in helping a local lady find her dog which had ran off; Clayton and Kyle for helping to save a man's life who had suffered an epileptic fit in Houghton Town Centre, putting him in the recovery position and supporting his head whilst an ambulance was called.
Lauren from Year 10 has supported the school community with many different activities, including working on reporting and recording our new school build.
Finally from Year 11, Bailey was chosen for his powerful poetry, which targets racism in all forms and shows maturity well beyond his years.
Congratulations to all of you; Kepier is lucky to have these and so many other learners who are prepared to make such a difference to other's lives.

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