Thursday, 5 October 2017

Visit to Oriental Museum, Durham

Our Year 10 GCSE Art and Design candidates have visited the Oriental Museum in Durham so as to learn about the Art and Cultures of the middle-east and Asia. They gathered information in the form of sketches and photographs so as to inform their emerging portfolio works, and were treated to introductions by the museums experts, who answered their questions on the subject and told anecdotal stories.

The Curator invited our learners to exhibit their work upon completion in January, and we will be exhibiting the 5 portfolios that in their opinion show strong influences from their chosen culture.
The resulting work forms part of the assessed portfolio of the students GCSE Art and Design.

Mr. Lightfoot, Head of Art here at Kepier, said "this was a wonderful opportunity for our young people to spend a day developing their thoughts and ideas for their portfolio of work. The staff at The Oriental Museum were wonderful, and the event will be of huge benefit for our students going forward."

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