Tuesday, 11 July 2017

100% Attendance for 5 years!

From Left to right: Emily, Christopher, Mr S Bisset, Jack  Stephanie

Four very special Learners at Kepier School achieved a rare commendation this year at their Leaver’s assembly. They all maintained 100% attendance for their five years studying at Kepier, never a day off in all of their secondary education. Mr Bisset the Senior Pastoral Leader for the School’s attendance said; ‘This is an exceptional achievement by any standards and while we appreciate not everyone is able to achieve this reward due to their personal circumstances this is a story of superb willpower, resilience and a drive for achievement. Something struck a chord with me when I discovered that the only day Stephanie (pictured to the right) had to be absent from school in five years was to attend her Grandfathers funeral. There were so many powerful stories like this one where other learners came close to achieving this award. Some of our runners up only missed out by three days. It’s a great credit to our school to have learners with this sort of commitment inspiring other younger learners to follow in their footsteps. I have no doubt these learners and many others like them will go on to achieve great things applying the same attitude they have devoted to their School attendance to their future education and later careers.  

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