Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Stars in our Schools

As part of UNISON's annual national celebration day for all school support staff, I along with the branch's Local Organiser, Jo Spires, visited the catering staff at Kepier Academy. Mrs Cooper, the Principal, invited us to meet with the catering staff, whom she called 'wonderful'. Children learn better if they are provided with a decent and healthy meal. Over three weeks, the branch had visited each of the 117 schools across the city and meeting Kepier catering staff was the highlight of the week and a great note on which to end our visits. Thank you to the lovely ladies we met and to all of the Kepier school support staff for the fantastic work done in making the place a safe and healthy environment in which children can achieve their greatest potential.

Diane Wright, Education Convenor, UNISON City of Sunderland Branch

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