Monday, 22 October 2012

Kepier STEM Workshops

On Thursday 11 October, Kepier hosted Northern Architecture as part of their STEM enrichment week. Maths teacher Suzy Hall coordinated the activity week with the support of the STEMNET programme in the North East.

Two groups of fifteen Year 7 and 8 pupils were given an insight into careers in the built environment sector involving applied maths, such as architecture, urban design, surveying, landscape architecture, engineering and construction. Pupils were then challenged to design and build an outdoor shelter, exploring space, volume, surface area, shape and form. The outcomes demonstrate that pupils can successfully apply their maths skills and express their spatial awareness by taking part in a creative, practical activity.

All pupils felt that they had achieved within the workshops:

I used maths when measuring the length of the wall and to measure angles

I found applying maths to architecture was fun and I also made a trapdoor that I am very proud of

I used maths when working out the scale of the model, it really shows how we can use maths in real life

I had fun experiencing being an architect, I like model making and I am proud of my building

I didn't expect maths in reeal life to be as good as what I have experienced

Thanks and well done to all participating pupils. Thanks also to Suzy Hall and staff at Kepier and to Sam Steventon, STEM Outreach Coordinator with STEMNET.

Northern Architecture's Education officers, Emma Kench-Porter and Sara Cooper are both part of the STEM Ambassadors scheme.

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